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Simply Bold & Free Planner

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A 52-week planner to guide you in designing a life you love.

This revolutionary self-dated goal planner helps you get focused and organized to crush your goals without sacrificing your overall well-being. It beautifully interweaves stress, time and energy management so that you don’t get burned out while creating the life you always wanted.

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Are you ready to:
Live more intentionally and invite more ease into your life?
Be connected with your truest, boldest self and aligned with your vision and values?
To feel confident that you are making consistent, positive strides towards a life you love filled with purpose and joy?
Find your flow and inner peace so that you can be resilient and equipped with a plan to help you bounce back when life throws you its inevitable curveballs?
Reconnect with yourself and have time and clarity to prioritize what matters most?

Then, The Simplify Bold & Free Planner just may be the solution you need. It's part planner and part life coach, helping you live and experience more. Trade in chaos and hustle, and learn to harness your authentic power. This unique system energizes you to develop a roadmap for sustainable success that leads you closer to a fulfilling life filled with meaning and memories.

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It includes:

* Vision board and life design mapping

* 4 quarterly goal setting and planning spreads

* 12 monthly goal target organization sheets, with motivational quotes and gratitude journal prompts

* 12 stress-relieving and flow-invoking coloring pages

* 52 weekly planning spreads that include ritual/goal tracking and reflection pages

* Nature photos interspersed throughout to remind you to rest and savor each moment and your progress.


PLUS: Mindfulness and mindset tips, along with practical productivity and wellness strategies that you can easily implement into the natural flow and rhythm of your life. We believe in giving back to people and the planet. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to various humanity and environmental causes.