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Easy Strawberry Lemonade

Looking for a simple and refreshing recipe on a hot day? Try out this easy strawberry lemonade! We played around with the types and amounts of ingredients, and have perfected this delectable drink!

I think what is most fun about drinking strawberry lemonade, is that it brings back memories of when we worked together at a restaurant (where we met). We would take our breaks together and share an appetizer and always drink strawberry lemonade. It was a favorite beverage we had in common. Honestly, I think we grew to love it more than we probably actually did! We still crave it, and are so happy to have found an easy version we can make anytime!


- 12 oz frozen strawberries

- 10 oz frozen peaches

- 4 lemons

- 5 T cane sugar

- 3 C water


- Add all ingredients to blender

- Blend on high for 30 seconds to 1 minute

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