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Hi there, I'm Jena.

As a Mindfulness and Success Coach, I'm on a mission to teach individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, reclaim your time, and tap into your highest potential to bring your wildest dreams into reality. I'm committed to helping you deepen your joy and realize your dreams without burning yourself out along the way. You are absolutely capable of living a life filled with confidence, purpose, abundance, peace and joy. I cannot wait to share with you the tools and strategies that will lead you to embracing the life you desire and deserve.


I love all things French related, I’m obsessed with rearranging furniture, an avid runner and a certified yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator. I am a chronic strategist and always have a running list of new topics/ places to explore. As a recovering perfectionist and corporate healthcare leader who recently surpassed my one-year mark as a stay-at-home mother, I’ve loved diving into entrepreneurship whilst pursuing my passions. With a graduate degree in public health, expertise in cardiovascular and nutritional epidemiology and health education, and passion to promote health consciousness, I’m so eager to connect with each of you!

I have always been a highly motivated, goal-oriented person. I spent most of my 20s checking off a mental to-do list that I had created for myself. This list dictated my self worth, or so I thought. A graduate degree, a beautiful wedding, dream honeymoon and vacations, gorgeous first home, high-paying meaningful career later, it all felt unfulfilling as the family box got checked off. I was spending so much energy on juggling my career and new motherhood, that I neglected self care and self love. I was moving so quickly through life that I wasn’t taking time to enjoy each moment or even take into account what I needed for my overall health and wellbeing. It wasn’t until I reached an absolutely crash and burn moment, that I begin to make some very intentional shifts. I was tired of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and like I didn’t have time for myself or my family. It was also time to start healing from two challenging pregnancies, deliveries and one NICU stay. After years of research, personal development, therapy, and self-discovery, I finally achieved balance. I redefined my priorities and that self-worth to-do list. I learned how to manage my anxiety, unblock barriers, and unlocked my true self. I am so passionate about helping others do the same. Let’s curb that anxiety and help you gain back your life again!

My holistic and dynamic mindfulness and success coaching approach provides mentorship, support and resources to guide you towards your optimal well-being. With a Master of Public Health degree, over 10 years in professional healthcare leadership roles, and as a certified yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator, I will serve as your strategic accountability partner. 


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