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Make your dream business a reality and work from anywhere you want

Your time is a finite resource, build your profitable online business and gain back your time and money freedom.


8 Week Coaching Program

Profitable Creator Academy

The Profitable Creator Academy is a premier self-paced online course packed with strategies and tools to help you build you dream business without the overwhelm or hustle.

This program is right for you if:

  • You have a vision of working from anywhere and being your own boss, but you need a step-by-process to get you there.

  • You are an overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneur ready to step into being a thriving digital CEO

  • You crave more freedom: time, financial, emotional, location, all of it! You want to be more free!

  • You long to reap all the benefits without putting in the long hours and are done making millions for someone else.

Hustling 24/7 isn’t the recipe for business success. In this program, you’ll learn proven success strategies to automate your online business so that you can begin enjoying life more - exactly why you signed up for entrepreneurship in the first place. It’s time to reclaim your time and freedom, and learn how to make all of your expertise and effort work for you.


My Mission

My mission is to empower creators and entrepreneurs with the tools, guidance, and support they need to thrive in the digital landscape. Through this comprehensive online course (as well as my suite of other digital products and services), I enable individuals to unleash their creativity, amplify their online presence, and cultivate authentic brands that resonate with their audience. After four years of trial and error, and multiple income streams and online career avenues later, I am ready to share all of my secrets to success with you. From one-on-one coaching to online courses and digital products to publishing books to getting paid by brands for content creation, I have learned a lot and have great insight to share. I'm here to make sure you don't make the same mistakes I did and that you actually come out of this course with some actionable steps to move you closer to your dream of making money online so you can work from anywhere! I am committed to fostering a community where innovation flourishes, dreams become reality, and individuals reclaim their freedom to live life on their own terms. Join me on this journey as we transform aspirations into achievements and empower you to succeed in the wild world of digital entrepreneurship.

It’s time to start your journey towards
financial and time freedom.


My Profitable Creator Academy is an 8-week, self-paced course designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be: at the pinnacle of digital entrepreneurship. You'll learn digital marketing and online business success strategies to build an authentic, profitable online presence. 

I'll share the exact systems you need to carve a path to success on your terms. The modules include:

  1. Mindset & Discipline: It is essential to start from a solid foundation of an entrepreneurial mindset, confidence and resilience, so this is the first step. I’ll guide you in a breathwork and visualization session, and provide various tools to ensure you are setup for success.

  2. Clarify Your Vision & Define Your Niche: Here you’ll learn how to understand your niche, audience and fine tune your goals. There are multiple resources here to ensure that you identify what you want and build out a plan to make it happen.
  3. Building an Authentic Brand: We’ll go through worksheets and into many examples so that you feel inspired and equipped to build out your brand kit and strategy.
  4. Digital Marketing & Content Creation: We’ll go through how to create a content creation strategy, including recommended software and tools to ensure you stay organized and motivated.
  5. Community Building & Connection: I'll share creative ways to inspire your community to contribute content, from challenges to featured posts. We’ll go through real life scenarios and examples of user-generated content and brand campaigns and their impact on community engagement.
  6. Growth Strategies & Analytics: Learn growth strategies and how to use analytics. We’ll walk through real examples of analytics dashboards and how to interpret key metrics, as well as which tracking tools you should be using for the best results. We'll break down the basics of SEO for creators, from keyword research to optimizing your profiles and posts for search engines and platform algorithms. Lastly, I'll walk you through setting up your first social media campaign, ensuring your advertising budget is spent wisely.
  7. Sales & Monetization: We’ll be sure you are well equipped to make money and build a successful online creator career. You’ll learn sales and marketing skills so that you feel confident landing brand collaborations and offering services to potential clients.
  8. Productivity & Success: Build stress resilience and an action plan so you can have sustainable success well into the future. We’ll develop a personalized toolkit, including productivity tools and a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals.


Proven success strategies, templates, workflows in:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Social media content creation and ads

  • Mindset techniques to ensure success

  • Templates and suggested apps for content batching

  • Productivity and routines best practices

  • Automated business processes

  • Business process management

  • Robotic process management

  • Business process workflows

  • And MUCH MORE!

What You'll Learn


About Me

In 2018, I had my second child. I was financially thriving in my high-paying corporate career. I had worked my way up the career ladder to get to this point and rather than it feeling rewarding I was left feeling stressed and unsatisfied. The career that seemed desirable before children, was no longer serving me. With two young children and what felt like a million missed milestones, I needed a change. I longed for time and location freedom so that I could spend more time raising my children rather than being their weekend sitters. I longed for extended vacations that were not confined to only two weeks per year.


So I put together a strategy and made a change! This change has granted me actual time, financial, location and energy freedom.


I have built four successful online businesses and enjoy worldschooling my two beautiful children.

I am passionate about helping dreamers and entrepreneurs turn their dream business into reality. And I am here to show you the exact systems I used to break free of the 9-5 and work and live on my terms.


Whether you want to work in your pajamas or bathing suit, from your garden or the train, you’re craving freedom that you deserve.


I am here to partner with you to make it happen!

  • My proven roadmap to automate your business with online coaching sessions to strategize your success.

  • 8 video training modules to turn your vision into reality and build a successful online creator career. Each module is packed with resources from ​videos, PDF guides, templates, worksheets to tutorials.

  • Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions: Personalized guidance to tackle your unique challenges (Limited Time Offer).

  • Premium Resources Galore: From Lightroom presets for stunning photo and video content to a media kit template, email pitch templates that convert, and over 250 creative ideas for reels and digital products.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Discover 20 time-saving AI tips tailored for social media marketing, helping you create more with less effort.

  • Social Media Excellence: With our Social Media Content Planner, make your personal brand shine brighter than ever.

  • Sales & Marketing Mastery: Learn to utilize cutting-edge analytics and tools with our cheat sheet, and dive deep into sales funnel creation with our definitive guide and free template.

  • Access to a secured self-paced platform that will guide you through our pre-recorded videos of our teachings and trainings.

  • Neuroscience-backed strategies and a productivity guide to set you up for developing a business plan and annual roadmap for success, without burning yourself out.

  •  Messenger service so that you can chat with us and work through any questions or blocks you may be having during the workshop. It’s available 24/7 during the 8 week program and I will respond within 24 hours.

I am so excited for you to begin this journey!

What's Included?


You Deserve to Work and Live in Freedom

The Profitable Creator Academy (PCA)

Your dreams of working from anywhere you want are not out of reach. It's time to start turning them into reality. 


  • 8 video training modules

  • Videos, PDF guides, templates, worksheets, tutorials

  • BONUS 1: pack of presets

  • BONUS 2: 150 digital product ideas

  • BONUS 3: media kit & email pitch templates

  • BONUS 4: 100 catchy reel hooks

VALUE: $3000

COST: $697


Your dreams of working from anywhere you want are not out of reach. It’s time to start turning them into reality.


“Joining the Profitable Creator Academy was the best decision I made for my business. The course is packed with actionable strategies that took my online presence to the next level. Now, I work from anywhere, have more time for my family, and my income has significantly increased. Highly recommend!”

Jane D.

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