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Wellness Classes

Welcome to my suite of wellness classes.  

Each session is led by me, a certified breathwork and EFT facilitator, reiki master, mindfulness teacher, and registered yoga instructor.

Each class is held virtually in the comfort of your home. It is my honor to lead you in each class and hold a beautiful and safe space for your self healing, growth, and transformation.

What to Expect & Need to Know

Each class is 60 minutes via Zoom. We'll spend the first 10 minutes going through technique, expectations, and intentions. Then we'll proceed with 40 active minutes of the class you have selected (either breathwork, reiki, or yoga). Lastly, we end with 10 minutes of reflections. For each class, you will need a quiet and comfortable place. I'd also recommend bringing a blanket, journal, and water. Any additional specifics will be communicated with you prior to the session. 


The prices for each class are provided at time of booking. My goal is to ensure these modalities are available for all. Sliding scale on pricing is available. Please email for inquiries. 

What You Can Expect After

There are a plethora of benefits you may reap after each class. As with anything, the more you practice consistently, the stronger the effects and positive outcome.

Nourishing benefits include:

- Expression of self love and gratitude

- Opens your heart to receiving love, trusting the universe, and allowing for healing

- Promotes self-discovery and growth

- Self healing and realization

- Relieves stress, tension and anxiety reduction

- Naturally boosts your energy levels

- Improves sleep quality

- Fosters focus, clarity and alignment 

- Helps increase peace, joy, and any other intention that you bring

- Aids in releasing what no longer serves you and brings you closer to your vision

- Stop managing the mystery of life and trust the wisdom and light within




Breathwork is an active meditation where you shift your breathing pattern to build self-awareness and self-trust and is a catalyst for stress resilience. This regular grounding practice helps clear and focus the mind so that you can show up authentically and strong. You will need a safe, quiet, comfortable space to lay down, as you are guided through this active meditation. 


Distance Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It can lead to stress reduction, relaxation, self awareness and promote healing. You will need a safe, quiet, comfortable space to lay down or sit. During our reiki session, you may choose to turn off your video. Distance reiki has been shown to be just as powerful and effective as in-person, so trust that energy is not limited by distance and we are all connected. This is available for adults, children, and animals.



Somatic Yoga

In this unique practice, we'll combine somatics and yoga to reset your nervous system, release tension, and invite ease and alignment.  This will be a more experiential experience than a traditional yoga class, and will allow you to feel from within. You'll need proper space to do yoga poses and a yoga mat.


Meditation for Beginners

Join my free 7 day meditation challenge to help you start and stick with a meditation practice.


It’s time to open your heart and breathe in the love and light to bring new clarity into your life.

"Working with Jena always results in more knowledge and a better experience for me. Grateful to have her as my personal and business advocate."

J.A. - Artist

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