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Meditation Challenge

Still haven’t started or committed to a consistent meditation practice? Not sure where to start? Then, join my 7-day free challenge.

It’s led by me, Jena Pomeroy. I’m a trained breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor, and mindfulness coach. I’m an avid meditator now, but the road getting here wasn’t smooth or easy. But let me tell you, with some support and guidance, it has been more life changing than any other experience (as an adventurer and traveler at heart, this means a lot)! 

This 7-day challenge will provide the loving guidance you need to start and stick with your meditation practice. 

It includes the fundamentals & beyond to help you calm the chaos, quiet the noise, and harness your inner wisdom, power, and peace. You’ll learn neuroscience-backed strategies that can help you clear your mind so you have more time to get focused and increase your performance. As well as tools to slow down, be present, enjoy the moment & experience life more. 

It’s time to be more present and enjoy life more.


I won’t be selling you anything at the end of the challenge. Just an offer from one busy mind to another. Hopefully at the end, you’ll feel comfortable joining me in saying namaste.

Benefits of Meditation

What's Included?

You will receive the 7-day meditation challenge via email. You'll have access to complete each meditation video on your time, in the privacy of your own home.

Here’s a snapshot of the themes you can expect, along with the fundamentals:

🫶🏻  Intro to Meditation: How to Start a Consistent Practice & the Basics
🫶🏻  Stress Release: calm the chaos & overcome overwhelm
🫶🏻  Grounding: building authentic self-confidence 
🫶🏻  Tapping into Focus & Flow
🫶🏻  Finding Inner Peace
🫶🏻  Self Love: prioritize yourself & protect your worth
🫶🏻  Gratitude & Finding Joy
🫶🏻  The Inner Power Trifecta: Motivation, Consistency & Discipline 


“Jena’s 7-day Meditation Challenge was exactly what I needed to kickstart my meditation practice. Her gentle guidance and practical tips made it easy to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. I feel calmer and more centered than ever before!”

Alicia M.



Excited for your meditation journey to begin!

Start Meditating
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