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Hi, there!

I'm Jena.

As Mindfulness and Success Coach, I'm on a mission to teach individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, reclaim your time, and tap into your highest potential to bring your wildest dreams into reality. I'm committed to helping you deepen your joy and realize your dreams without burning yourself out along the way. You are absolutely capable of living a life filled with confidence, purpose, abundance, peace and joy. We cannot wait to share with you the tools and strategies that will lead you to embracing the life you desire and deserve.
I'm here to help you design and live the life you desire and deserve!


The Simply Bold & Free Academy

If you’re looking to reprogram your limiting beliefs and build resilience and confidence to forge your own path to a life you love on your terms, then this program is for you.   




Wealth Alchemist


In this self-paced online course, we are rolling up our sleeves and diving into real-life scenarios and proven strategies to get you on a path free of debt and your finances flowing.

Digital CEO Roadmap

Do you have a vision of a work-life free of confinement? Do you dream of being able to pack up and travel the world while still making money? Then you’re exactly where you need to be. The Digital CEO Blueprint is a self-paced online coaching program that will help you build a profitable online business. 


Ready to stop procrastinating and boost your productivity without the doubt and without burning yourself out?

BLOOM Into You

Learn to face your fears and doubts so that you can start living a life you love. You deserve to live your life how you want.

Stress Resilience


Create sustainable stress resilient strategies including: boundary setting, sustainable self-care and self love practices, mindfulness and simplicity strategies, stress management, nervous system regulation, and mind-body resilience

You are worthy and deserving of the life you want.

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We have curated a variety of printables that you can easily download and use right away to support your self love, self care, and self growth goals. These have been tried and tested with positive results. We all need a little extra structure sometimes to take inspired action towards our goals – these will provide the support you need. 

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Our 52-week goal planner is designed for self-reflection and personal growth. 

Life Changing Products 

Want more personal development support for free on your own time?

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